This Utah Valley based band is the brainchild of guitarist, Mike Newman. Mike's vision was to form a band that could play some of his original material and also cover some classics and oldies (and even some bluegrass), and that would be fun for the whole family. All of the members of the band are active in the LDS church and share the vision of being able to put on a show that is fun, entertaining, and wholesome. We think we've achieved that goal.

Mike Newman - Lead guitar and vocals
Musical background: Mike Newman has been playing guitar for more decades than he cares to admit and is accomplished in various styles. He has written several songs which are performed by this band. Mike plays a mean lead guitar and sings his own songs as well. He is also quite competent on the 5-string banjo and has toured Europe twice with the BYU folk dancers and again with a Salt Lake City based dance group. In the 70's he played with the bands Dandelion Wine and Salamander Sam. You can view his YouTube channel here!

Equipment: Mike collects guitars and amps as well as builds them.
Guitars: Bunker Guitars David Laurence Signature model (2), PRS McCarty, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Stratcaster and Telecaster, various others.
Amps: Diamond Spitfire II, Engl Screamer, Handmade hot rodded JCM 800, Fender Super Reverb, various others

Matt Newman - Guitar, Keys, Accordion and Vocals

Musical background: Matt Newman has been playing guitar for about 37 years. He also played the cello throughout his school years. In Midlife Crisis he takes the role of rhythm guitarist and also plays the organ and piano and even sings from time to time. And beware... he just bought an accordion! In the 90's he played with the Utah Valley based bands Idiots ön Guitar, Warren Trenchcoat, and Amy and the Doctors.

Equipment: Matt loves and uses Carvin guitars and amps. At a show he might be seen playing any of the following gear.
Guitars: Carvin AE185, Carvin CT4M, Carvin Bolt, Carvin SH225, Carvin DC135, Epiphone Les Paul, Harmonia Semi-hollow, SX Liquid.
Keyboards:Korg Triton Pro and the Korg DW8000.
Amps: Carvin Vintage 16, Carvin Nomad, Carvin V410 cab.
SofiaMari 48-bass accordion.

Matt loves composing and recording music at home. Some of his work can be heard here.

At his day job, Matt is a temperature metrologist working for Fluke Calibration.

Kevin Crandall - Drums and Percussion
Musical background: Kevin is a very accomplished drummer as well as an all around great guy and Midlife Crisis is very glad to have him! Kevin has been playing drums most of his life and spent his teenage years playing all over Colorado and neighboring western states in his fathers country band. In the mid 90's he spent a bit of time working with the band Amy and the Doctors.

Equipment: Yamaha Drums

When I'm not making music: Xactware

Steve Keele - Bass Guitar and vocals
Musical background: Music was an important part of Steves family growing up. In fact his parents met at a jam session. His mother made sure he and his sisters took piano lessons. After taking piano lessons for about 3 years he wanted to learn to play guitar. He still rememembers the first band he was in. It consisted of 3 guitars and a snare. Steve played rhythm, because he was the only guy in the group that knew how to play chords. They played "Hold Your Head Up." Nobody sang.

After playing rhythm guitar for several years, Steve switched to the bass. As a teen, He played and sang in several garage bands, was in the high school’s concert choir and played guitar in their pop group, Totality. In college he studied art and played for dances with a band called Jukebox.

He has played bass in a folk group, Judy and the Rest and has done studio work for 2 of their CD’s.

Equipment: Steve plays a Fender Jazz bass powered through the incredible Mark Bass Mini CMD 121P amp and a Mark Bass New York 121 cab. He sings through a Shure SM58 microphone as used and recommended by Sam Keele. He loves his new Hercules guitar stand. Steve has a custom all tube amp he co-made with his friend Mike Newman. Check it out here.  

When I'm not making music: During the daylight hours Steve is a professional 2D and 3D illustrator/animator with several game and movie credits. Check out his work on